Spiritual Consultations

You can keep your body healthy with the right diet and exercise. The mind can be focused with meditation, and healed with the help of a good counsellor or therapist. But, each human being has a three-fold nature. Mind, body, and soul. Often we try to fix spiritual problems with physical or mental solutions, but this will only address the symptoms and never get to the heart of the issue.

If you find you are repeating the same old patterns and situations, if your relationships, work projects, and personal life seem to be following a script that you didn’t mean to write, if you are lacking purpose and wondering why it is you came to this physical world, or simply if you are a seeker in search of the truth, then a spiritual consultation is for you.  

Health issues, relationship problems, imbalanced emotions and even your financial issues can have a root cause on the spiritual level. We may be eternal souls, with untold powers, but this world tends to put us to sleep and we forget our true natures. A spiritual session may be the first step in peeling back the onion layers to find out who you really are.

Neb has a lifelong passion for esoteric knowledge. He is schooled in ancient mystical traditions as well as cutting edge research on consciousness. For 10 years, he has been carrying out spiritual assessments at Neter Vital, and now is taking it to the next level at Neter Ma‘at. He will be available for spiritual sessions every Thursday from 2 pm – 6.00 pm. You can book a 1-hour session with a 15-minute break to help you process the information.

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