Egyptian Yoga: Every Wednesday 18.30 pm

Most people associate Yoga with ancient India, but the ancient Egyptians had similar practices. The highest aim of Yoga is to transcend the limitations of the individual body and mind, to realize the true nature of reality. This is exactly what ancient Egyptian mystical systems aimed to achieve. Today, this strand of ancient knowledge is hard to find – but our dedicated Yoga Teacher, Salome is one of the people keeping the flame burning.

‘Smai-Tawi’ is an ancient African term that came from Egyptian, which represents ‘union’. This is the same meaning as the Sanskrit word “Yoga”. The ultimate union is between yourself and THE ALL -when you escape from the illusion of separation and see the interconnected nature of reality.

Yoga in all of its forms was practised in Africa and still is; these movements are part of daily life and aid to better the mind, body and spirit. Moving the body has many benefits that must be felt and this is why I continue to share this experience

Join the Egyptian Yoga class to experience the movements of the Gods and Goddesses and gain your own divine insight. Each pose and sound helps to guide you into self-awareness and vitality.

Our Egyptian Yoga classes are every Wednesday 18.30 – 19.30pm. Please book with the form below to reserve your place. 

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