Meditation Class

People think meditation is about stopping your mind from thinking. But really, meditation is simply developing awareness. If you meditate, and your mind wanders a thousand times, your job is simply to notice that and return to the meditation. This way, you get to see just how unruly the mind can be, and slowly train it to enjoy periods of stillness. Meditation is not a struggle with the mind, it is more like the process of making peace with it, and learning how to use it – rather than letting it use you! The benefits of a regular meditation practice are increased focus, calmness, and the ability to turn your ideas into actions. Instead of having the same-old recycled thoughts that keep you trapped in the same old stories, you can learn to focus your mind on what it is you want to bring to your life. The ancient mystics understood that the nature of the universe is mental, than mind comes before matter. So, everything starts with mastering the mind. There are many different ways to meditate. Our classes use a gentle but powerful form of guidance, where you will be bathed in sacred sound waves to facilitate the inward journey. If you are interested in a meditation class with us, please contact us.
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