Conscious Dreaming Workshop

How do you know you are awake right now? Maybe you are reading this in a dream. After all, when you are dreaming, you tend to think it’s real. Unless that is, you are having a lucid dream. A lucid dream is when you are dreaming, but you know it. In this state, you can even control the dream. Many people experience lucid dreams by chance. But lucid dreaming is a skill you can learn.

Proficient lucid dreamers can experience flying, visiting strange worlds, facing fears thus transforming dreams into nightmares, and can even choose whatever fantasy they would like to experience. But it goes much deeper than that, in lucid dreams, you can have profound spiritual experiences. It is said that if you were to meditate for 1 hour in a lucid dream, it would have the same benefit as meditating for 1000 hours in waking life. Lucid dreamers also gain access to spiritual information from guides and hidden aspects of their subconscious. It can also help you to see the dreamlike nature of what we call real life. This does not mean you lose your grip on reality. In fact, it is a way to find the true nature of reality by not taking the simulation of the physical world so seriously.

You spend a third of your life sleeping. So why not use it for your spiritual development? This workshop will give you the tools and techniques that can allow you to have regular lucid dreams, and gain increasing control of them. There will be guided meditations, discussions, and relatable explanations of the lucid dreaming tools used by ancient cultures.

Our 7 week course starts on 7th June, with a class held every Tuesday.

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