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Neter Ma’at Spiritual Development Course.

We are divine beings, but social conditioning has us all under a spell of ignorance. Why do you think there is so much chaos and suffering in the world? Because people are asleep. It is time to wake up and break the spell. To return to the true nature of reality, we must peel back the layers of false beliefs that have built up over the years. This is the spiritual path walked by all of humanity’s great mystics, but it is accessible to anybody who is prepared to do the inner work.

The Neter Ma’’at Spiritual development course provides a blueprint to spiritual awakening. Instead of being deterred by the challenging nature of the modern world, we will use it to our advantage. By seeing what puts us to sleep, we can see how to wake up. Ma’’at is the ancient Egyptian goddess who embodies truth, justice, order and balance. It is only by balancing our inner world and harmonizing the different aspects of our being (mind, body, and soul) that we can evolve to a higher state of consciousness. Ultimately, it is a journey back to the underlying oneness of reality, something we have forgotten but can learn how to remember.

This course will tackle the big questions such as, “What is the soul?”, “What is the purpose of life?”, and ultimately the most important question of all, “Who am I?”. There will be lectures, discussions based on ancient spiritual knowledge and cutting edge science, discussion groups, as well as guided meditations and other exercises.

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