Intuition Workshop

Intuition is something we all have, but not everybody realizes it is something that can be developed. When you are in tune with your intuition, you instinctively make the right decisions without having to think. This is because intuition comes from somewhere beyond the mind. The difficulty is that our intuition can be clouded. Imagine that you meet somebody and have a bad feeling about them. How can you tell if it is your intuition or simply an emotional response because they subconsciously remind you of somebody who hurt you? Or if you are feeling reluctant to undertake a project, how do you know if this isn’t simply just fear?

By quieting the mind and emotions, we can allow intuition to develop. If a lake is clear and still, you can see all the way to the bottom. If it is cloudy and turbulent, all you see is the surface. In the same way, intuition can only be developed when we clear the mental debris and calm the waves of emotions that stop us from seeing the right way forward.

This intuition workshop will develop this innate power in a variety of ways. There will be meditation exercises designed to calm your mind, and activate the third-eye chakra (the seat of intuition). As you progress through the workshop, you learn to trust yourself – your real self, not just what is on the surface. An example exercise would be to think of a situation where you are unsure what steps to take, then practice a deep meditation exercise and think of the same problem again. These techniques are very powerful and, if you are prepared to do the work, can make your life one of meaning and purpose.  

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