Alexander Technique

One of the consequences of modern living is that we have disconnected from nature, including our own bodies. Your body is your vehicle for the duration of your life, but are you attending to its needs? We live so much in our minds, calculating, worrying, imagining, distracting ourselves and so on. This means we miss the vital messages that the body sends us. This is why so many people suffer from poor posture and obesity. A lack of awareness of the body means we fail to treat it with respect.

Practices like yoga and meditation can ground us in our bodies. But one extremely powerful technique you may not have heard of is the Alexander Technique. This 19th-century healing method is based on the principle that posture and health are intimately linked. It has been used for over 100 years by singers, actors, public speakers, and anybody looking to improve their posture, vitality or state of health.

Access to body-knowledge optimizes our airflow which influences our mood, heartrate, cognitive capabilities and so on. This means we can access our most vital energy. The Alexander Technique comprises exercises and tools designed to open the body, giving full access to our vocal power and self-expression.

We did not evolve to sit on office chairs and sofas, so many health problems come from the ways we use ourselves in relation to the furniture. The significance of breathing is so often overlooked. The Alexander Technique is a powerful way to rectify these issues and become the most powerful version of yourself.

This information comes from Cathy Sommer and you can read more on her website

She will be available for personal sessions every Friday morning. 

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